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Controls for Prezi are bound in the Prezi Bubble menu:

prezi-bubble-menu 2.jpg

The center of this bubble is know as the Prezi Zebra and it controls size:


The zebra is your best friend in Prezi. Once you add anything to the canvas, click once on it to bring up the zebra, allowing you to move, scale, and rotate any content you have selected. By using frames, you can click once on the frame to bring up the zebra to move, scale or rotate everything inside at once.

Add URLS to your prezi: live links
To create live links in your prezi that open when clicked, copy the desired URL, paste it into a text box and click OK. Save your prezi and click Exit. When you return to the prezi, the link will be live.

Adding Paths to your prezi:
To set your path, select the path button from the bubble menu, then click on objects in your prezi canvas in the order you wish them to appear when viewing. Creating a path is a whole lot easier using the path sidebar. When you add a path point (using the path button from the bubble menu) - it automatically creates a thumbnail on the sidebar to the left of your canvas.
Click on a thumbnail in the sidebar to zoom to your path point, or rearrange and delete path points with a single click!

Draw Shapes, Arrow, markers, pencil
Choose Insert > Shapes from the bubble menu to add shapes, lines, arrows, and more to your prezi. Use rectangles, circles, and triangles to draw gemoetric shapes; use Arrows to show relationships between ideas; highlight text with the Highlighter. Jot down ideas and make sketches with the Pencil.

“Steal from others:
Reuse allows you to share ideas more effectively and helps you get started by saving an editable copy of another user’s prezi. Through reuse, you can borrow assets, animations or sound effects you see in another prezi. Select a reusable prezi from the Explore page, then click Make a Copy to create a copy of it in Your Prezis page.

Hidden Frames
Hidden frames help you organize content without the added visual weight of frames. This is ideal for highlighting details on a large image or block of text. To add a hidden frame to your prezi, select Frame/Hidden and then click on the canvas and drag your cursor around the content you want to frame. Hidden frames appear as a dashed blue outline.

File Limitation Size
Ifyou are using the Prezi Online editor the maximum upload size for files is 50 MB per file. In Prezi Desktop you can insert larger files into your prezi, but you won't be able to upload such a prezi to your online account.TIP: If you want to show a video in your Prezi which is larger than 50MB, upload it to Youtube first, then copy it's Youtube URL and insert it into your prezi

Insert Video
You can insert the following video file formats to Prezi (online editor and PreziDesktop): FLV, F4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP

How it works: Prezi has a built-in, standalone video player for these video formats. After uploading a video, you can control the playback using a navigation bar when presenting manually. You can add videos directly to the path. In this case, videos will start automatically as you reach them in your presentation, and will stop as you move along on the path.
How to insert:
  1. Click Insert>File in the editor
  2. Choose a video file from your computer
  3. Insert the file into prezi, just as you would insert an image file. Once the video is uploaded to the canvas, you can click on it to get the zebra and then move, scale, or rotate as needed.
Insert Sound:
Prezi doesn't currently have direct sound file support (e.g. for .mp3 and .wav files).If you would like to include sound in your Prezi you should convert sound files to FLV or SWF format before inserting into your Prezi
Insert PowerPoint
1. From the bubble menu, click Insert > PPT.
2. Click on Select File... and choose the PPT or PPTx file you want to import.
3. Drag your slides from the sidebar to the canvas, or click Insert all. You can also choose to add a path between them.

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