1. Go to Classroom/Gradebook/first class in your schedule.
  2. On the left under Manage click on Options. On this page:
    1. Click the box for Round Display Average and Display Student Average.
    2. Make sure the box Include Withdrawn Students is UNCLICKED.
    3. For the Averaging Method chose how you wish to get the grade period average.
    4. Sort Students by Student Display Name.
    5. Click OK to save and close.

  1. Back on the class page go under the Manage and click Average Setup.
    1. On this page you see the grade file. Choose 1st 9 Wks and click into it.
    2. On this page click Allow Higher Alpha Grade Rounding.
    3. Unclick Allow Incompletes to Drop.
    4. Make sure the Weight Added is 0.00.
    5. Go to the top of the page and click Average Method.
    6. On this page check and insure the bullet Grades For Current Grading Period Only (first choice) is clicked.
    7. Click OK to save and close and go back to the grade file list.
    8. Repeat the above for each 9 wks.
    9. Now on the grade file page click into the Sem 1 Grade.
    10. On this page click Allow Higher Alpha Grade Rounding.
    11. Unclick Allow Incompletes to Drop.
    12. Make sure Weight Added is 0.00.
    13. Go to the Average Method tab for the Sem 1 Gr at top of page and click.
    14. Make sure the bullet is clicked that reads Computer average using other averages. This item is blue.
    15. Do not set up Sem Exam 1 at this time.
    16. Click OK to save and close.
    17. Repeat same for the Sem 2 Grade.
    18. Now back to the main score page go under Manage and click Categories.
      1. Enter categories you teach and check and make sure your setup for all categories equal 100%.
      2. To make a graded activity go to the Plan tab in gradebook and click add.
      3. Fill out this page with the date and all items that have an * by the box. Click Create and then OK to save.
      4. Make sure if this is a grade item that the Graded button is clicked. This is what puts it on the scores tab for a score.
      5. Now go to the Scores tab and enter scores by clicking into the row by the student name under the column for the activity and enter the score using the number pad. Use the down arrow to rotate through the students in the class entering a score for each.
      6. Click on any score and then right click. You can now drop, fill, mark incomplete, mark late, or mark exempt any grade as needed for any student.

Recalculate at least twice or three times to insure all changes have been applied to the average.
Now Post Your Grades (When time to Post).
  1. Under Manage click Post Grades.
  2. You will see grade items.
  3. Simply click OK to Post Grades. After working a second the page will close and all grades are posted.

Repeat the above for each class period by going to each period and on each setup page, under tasks, use the Copy feature on the Options, Comments, Average setup, and Categories.

You can also copy activities from one period to another as long as it applies.